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Schrodinger's Gat

Schrodinger''s Gat is a quantum physics noir thriller. Paul Bayes has begun to feel like all of his actions are dictated by forces beyond his control. But when his suicide attempt is foiled by a mysterious young woman named Tali, Paul begins to wonder if the future is really as bleak as it seems. Tali possesses a strange power: the ability to predict tragedies and prevent them from happening. The possibility of breaking free from the grip of fate gives Paul hope. But when Tali disappears, Paul begins to realize that altering the future isn''t as easy as it seems: you can fight the future, but the future fights back. "Schrodinger''s Gat has done for quantum mechanics what Eliyahu Goldratt''s The Goal did for my understanding of Operations Management... [I]t takes the main character, and thus the reader, on a journey of discovery through a complex subject, in plain English. Well worth reading!" - Dr. Lucy Rogers, Director of Space Safety Research Limited and author of It''s Only Rocket Science "Rob Kroese''s Schrödinger''s Gat is a science-mystery thrill ride. It''s got everything we look for in a Kroese novel: humor damped by melancholy and an unforgettable plot in a book that we don''t so much read as dive into and exchange banter with characters that are so familiar that it feels like we''ve known them for years. The story moves, the characters are witty, fun and real, and, rest assured, Kroese got the science right." -Ransom Stephens, Ph.D., physicist and author of The Sensory Deception "A wild mashup of physics, philosophy and catastrophe served up, Kroese style!" - Greg Smith, author of Legacy of the Dragon "Most of what I know of quantum physics I learned by getting high and watching NOVA so I may not be the target audience for this book, but I never felt overwhelmed by the science or bogged down in it. Kroese''s writing is whip smart and funnier than hell. I loved it." -S.G. Redling, author of Damocles