Cross-Time Crusade

Codex Babylon

The first book of The Cross-Time Crusade, the Kickstarter sensation that raised over $27,000! A secret cabal of demonic forces threatens to destroy civilization and plunge the world into a new Dark Age. Humanity's only chance is a shadowy organization called GRAIL--the modern day heirs to the Knights Templar--which has discovered the secret to time travel. The past cannot be changed, but if GRAIL can send an agent into the past to recover a lost book on demonology called the Codex Babylon, they may have a fighting chance to save humanity from utter destruction. Spanning 900 years and four continents, The Cross-Time Crusade is an epic saga of the eternal struggle against evil! "This is a compelling page-turner which also makes you think about how time travel might work and motivates you to learn more about the enigmatic Templars." - John Walker, founder of Autodesk "...a whirlwind tale that jumps between the Middle Ages and 2023, with elements that reminded me of Connie Willis' time travel sagas, and Raiders of the Lost Ark." - Amazon reviewer "Robert Kroese is one of the few writers still pursuing truly new ideas in science fiction. In this series, he looks at demonic influence in a new way... [T]he meat of the book is the desperate search for the Codex Babylon, an ancient tome with the secrets to fighting the demons and reclaiming our world. you find yourself rooting for all the characters both past and present, and reeling with the many surprising twists." - Amazon reviewer "Fans of Kroese's Iron Dragon series will recall his combination of scrupulously researched historical detail, compelling characters, and gripping action - features on display again here." - Hans Schantz, author of The Hidden Truth

Heretic's Game

As an unfathomably powerful AI threatens the freedom of humanity, Martin Raines must return to medieval Europe to learn the truth about GRAIL and the Codex Babylon.

Militia Dei

The mind-blowing conclusion to The Cross-Time Crusade!